Towards a Guild of Green Economists

2:00 – 3:25pm, Sunday
Facilitating: Molly Scott Cato, Reader in Green Economics, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff

A network for those who have a barefoot understanding of how local economies work, a sensitivity to the needs of a sustainable economy, and a desire to rebuild an economy in connection with the local environment.

Are you tired of an approach to local economic development that is focused on attracting wealthy outside investors, tourists and grants? Perhaps the reason we do not have the system of strong and self-reliant local economies that sustainability and resilience require is that we do not have any local economists. We could not imagine a local economy functioning without an accountant, yet economists are isolated in their ivory towers rather than working in their backyards. We must have people who count money, but have not seen the need for people who are expert in the wise use of local resources. This workshop seeks to build a network of such ‘barefoot economists’ to affirm our practice and share our skills.

Happy City – Small Society is Beautiful?

2:00 – 3:25pm, Sunday
Facilitating: Mike Zeidler

Mike Zeidler

Mike Zeidler

The Happy City Initiative aims to tackle society’s most difficult problems by equipping people with the skills they need to ‘be the change they want to see’. Our mindsets, attitudes and principles are the things which determine everything else. Change these, and systems, structures, actions and behaviour all change with them.

Common Cause

2:00 – 3:50pm, Sunday
Finding, and communicating, Cultural Values that can transform the sustainability debate

Dr. Tom Crompton

Dr. Tom Crompton

Presenters: Dr. Tom Crompton (Change Strategist at WWF-UK), Rich Hawkins (Director at PIRC), Professor Greg Maio (School of Psychology, Cardiff University)

  • Why aren’t people more vocal about global poverty or climate change?
  • How are cultural values shaped – and why are these important?
  • How should we best talk about social and environmental issues?

The workshop will provide a hands-on approach to exploring the importance of the values that underpin concern about many social and environmental issues. It will highlight some of the problems that can arise when communicators, campaigners and activists rely inadvertently on tactics that are likely to deepen people’s concerns about self-interest, economic benefit, or social status.

We will also explore how research on values provides a lens through which we can analyse the full impact of our existing practices and consider how to secure broad, long-term public engagement with problems such as poverty, human rights, climate change, biodiversity loss and more.

Professor Greg Maio

Professor Greg Maio

Most importantly, we will highlight opportunities for important new collaborations, and ways in which people can become involved in this rapidly growing discussion.

The climate change debate often appears polarized, with environmentalists making little headway with those who deny the human origins of global warming. Crompton argues for a new approach to the debate by appealing to the cultural values that inspire people to act in the common good. To win the debate, the environmental movement needs to learn from conservatives’ use of social values.

This is a workshop which will be run by Richard Hawkins (Director of PIRC and co-author of The Common Cause Handbook), Dr. Tom Crompton (Change Strategist at WWF-UK and author of Common Cause: The Case for Working With our Cultural Values), and Prof. Greg Maio (School of Psychology, University of Cardiff, researcher on values and behaviour).

The Work that Reconnects

2:00 – 3:45pm, Sunday
An introduction to some aspects of Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects

Facilitators: Lisbet Michelsen & Meretta Hart

An invitation to explore together how, at a personal level, we’re affected by the changes occurring on our planet. To wake up to a whole new relationship with our world, explore how we can reconnect with ourselves, each other and the natural world with an intention of becoming more inspired to take positive action.

“Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values”
- Dalai Lama

2 hours
min 8, max 25 > 100

Small Is… Challenge

4:00 – 5:25pm, Sunday
inspirational ideas from young people

Facilitating: Bren Hellier – 01926 634441 & David Woolcombe – 07798 665202

In celebration of Schumacher’s centenary year, Practical Action and Peace Child International are running a design challenge to inspire future generations about the role of technology in long term sustainable development.

Our ‘hands-on’ workshop aims to involve you in a number of activities that look at technologies throughout the past century and encourage debate of future technologies.

We will also share some of the amazing ideas that have come from young people who have entered the Small Is….Challenge in the UK and internationally.

Arts in Transition

4:00 – 5:25pm, Sunday
Facilitator: Jan O’Highway, Transition Town Totnes Arts Group co-coordinator

Jan O'Highway

Jan O'Highway - Arts in Transition

Sharing Arts ideas and events worldwide in Transition Towns

Churchill, when it was suggested at a wartime Cabinet meeting that the Arts Budget be cut, famously growled ‘then just what are we fighting FOR?’

In this time of peak oil, habitat loss, climate and political change, artists and makers are exploring the questions of how to contribute to local resilience, and where an individual practice fits within the Transition movement.

The workshop will include a short slide presentation of Transition arts projects (there are now 382 Transition Towns with another 458 ‘mulling’, in 34 countries), and we’ll investigate as a group the range of strategies for integrating the arts into the evolution of a Transition community – come prepared to share ideas and be inspired!

Since the inception of the Transition movement just 5 years ago, the Transition Town Totnes Arts Group, TTTAG, has both supported local town events, and promoted over 30.

Renewable Energy: The Balance of Big and Small

4:00 – 5:25pm, Sunday

Peter Harper

Peter Harper

How can householders join the energy revolution?

Renewable energy is developing fast at all scales. The workshop will explore the prospects for householders to generate their own energy, or become involved in large-scale developments


  • Peter Harper, Centre for Alternative Technology
  • David Linsey-Bloom, consultant with Solarsense
  • Hugo House, Good Energy
  • Emilia Melville, Bristol Energy Coop

The Bristol Pound – Taking Local Currencies to Scale

4:00 – 5:25pm, Sunday
This workshop will explain how the Bristol Pound team are building a local currency to have impact across a city region approaching 1m people. It will demonstrate to local people how they can contribute to its success and describe to those from farther afield how it can be replicated elsewhere.

Facilitators: Dave Hunter, Ciaran Mundy & Mark Burton

Dave Hunter

Dave Hunter

Ciaran Mundy

Ciaran Mundy

Mark Burton

Mark Burton